When I set out to create cuffs for Svelte Metals I was sure of one thing: they had to work. This might seem like a strange place to start for something as ornamental as jewelry, but if you've ever tried to find a cuff that actually fits (whether it be from a street vendor or inside a glass case at an expensive shop) you understand my mission. Before launching Svelte I encountered two scenarios when shopping for cuffs, either the piece was so stiff it wouldn't give at all or it was so flexible it would crack in half after a couple wears. It didn't matter how gorgeous the piece, I could never find something that would fit to my small wrist and last. 

For Svelte cuffs, I spent a year testing out different designs and materials; vowing to only release pieces I was sure would not only live up to our high quality standards, but also fit impeccably and maintain shape. While I'm very confident in the combination I've developed, I have found clients are hesitant to mold the cuffs to their wrists. This is a sentiment I understand from personal experience which is why we will graciously replace any of our cuffs that lose shape or crack. I want you to be confident that you can open up a Svelte cuff, slip it on, and give it a good squeeze (or a few!) to achieve your perfect fit. And while we are unable to promise that our cuffs will fit all wrist sizes, we will always accept returns on purchases for up to two weeks.

I'd love to hear about your experience finding your perfect fit or answer any questions you may have about our new policy. If you'd like to get in touch, you can reach out here.