Product Care

Svelte Metals jewelry is made from high quality metals in USA. All metals break down when exposed to the elements (oxygen, moisture, and salt). Because of this, most of our pieces are specially treated and/or plated to prevent tarnishing and maintain their finish. This will also prevent your skin from reacting to the metal (which can causes a green color on some people). The safest way to clean your piece is simply with a soft damp cotton cloth. Please note that while we love the look of stacking pieces, metal rubbing against metal does cause scratching. 

In addition, to prolong the life of your pieces you should:

  • Store all pieces in a cool, dry place such as a jewelry box, ziplock bag, or pouch.
  • Avoid exposure to moisture by removing jewelry before washing hands, showering, or swimming
  • Put jewelry on last, after applying makeup, perfume, or hair products.  This will reduce chemical reactions with the metal. 

Sterling silver pieces are marked with "925", and can be cleaned and cared for with a silver cloth and/or silver polish.